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Hair Tattoos As Pre-Transplant Prep

25 Mar


In a little more than a week, I’ll be entering the hospital to begin the bone marrow transplant process.

This past Thursday, I headed to Astor Place Barber Shop to meet with Miguel A. Lora — barber and hair tattoo artist extraordinaire. My new buzzed ‘do is one of the many different things on my to-do list before this procedure (haircut: check; new pajamas: check; dry cleaning of “Sleepy” — my childhood stuffed animal: check).

Although I’ll be bald as an egg within just a few weeks, experimenting with my hair — purple mohawk, hair tats, and all — has been liberating and self-empowering. Hair loss may be something that’s out of my  control, but while I still have some of it, I call the shots.

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