Feeling Guilty About Cancer

15 Jun




Photo Credit: Ashley Woo

Guilt, like cancer, is a greedy guest feasting on its host. It is nondiscriminatory. We have all felt it, wondered what it was doing there, willed it to go away.

I’m aware that feeling guilty about having cancer is more than a little irrational. But when it comes to cancer, guilt is a mercurial, equal-opportunity burden that affects both patients and caretakers.

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One Response to “Feeling Guilty About Cancer”

  1. Mike June 17, 2012 at 12:33 am #

    Suleika, keep writing.. your voice is reaching the multitude… reaching (if I am any sample) the population that is simply trying to understand the role of cancer in their lives. You provide a voice, a muse, a narrative that makes sense, and welcomes a thread of humanity, a sense of shared experience, and a common unity in the landscape and complicated topography of cancer. My brother and uncle are both in remission from forms of lymphoma, (including a bone marrow transplant). I read your posts and find solace. Your writing extends beyond the clinical boundaries of cancer and those affected. Your voice is making a difference.

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